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Henry's Auto Repair in Whittier, California, was founded in 1959 by Henry Michalka when Studebaker™ was importing Mercedes-Benz to the US. During this time Henry's Auto Repair was a single-man shop in uptown Whittier. Henry's Auto Repair had to be relocated after our building was declared unsafe due to the 1972 earthquake. The business then moved to our current location and contiues to be a family owned and operated business, serving the Whittier and surrounding.


With the contiued growing Henry hired Tom Upton. When Henry was ready to retire sold the business to his employee, Tom and his wife Connie. They made and saw a lot of changes and imporements over their 10 years. The continued to offer top quality service for the ever changing market. When they were ready to retire the offer the same chance to their Employee that was given to them.
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Tony began working on German cars since he was eighteen. Has trained and worked on BMW, MBZ, Porsche & VW. In 1989 he became the main technician for Henry's Auto Repair working for Tom. In 1994 Tom & Connie offered him ownership of the company.
Tony brought Henry's Auto Repair into a whole new era. The shop was transformed with the latest equipment and diagnostic information available because Tony prided himself on staying current—and he still does. To this day, he is constantly updating software information, attending seminars, and training.

Clients and Cars

Our clients range from grandparents to grandchildren, including the descendants of Henry Michalka's original customers. We have maintained the same integrity on which we were founded, and we are proud have the opportunity to serve you.
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